Sunday, January 9, 2011


This blog will follow us, Nate Roter and Jaco Roesch, as we ride our bikes from Portugal to China.  You will be able to see pictures from our journey, read descriptions and updates that we write, and learn more about the various charities we hope to raise money for through our trip.  There will also be links to other interesting projects, and maybe other stuff if we think of something good.


  1. This Blog needs some photos! How about some "before" shots of your legs? And beards!

  2. F'in EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I happened, by chance, on March 1st, the day of departure, to reread my last email from Jaco which led me here. Do it to it fellas.
    -Joe from Alabama

  3. Jaco,por favor,córtete un poquito la barba,hazlo por mí..xx