Friday, March 18, 2011

The Edge of Iberia

 A metaphor in Porto
 In the Atlantic Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 They make Port and olive oil here
 Steel on steel
 A most treacherous border.  Not really.
 Jaco with barrel added for scale.
 Las peñas, near Guardo, Palencia province.
Street art in Bilbao

These are some pictures. I would add more but there are people waiting patiently at the hostel.  The last few days riding from León have been crazy, the type of crazy where you can't look before you leap because you can't see anything, where the wind is behind you climbing one pass in the Cantabrian rain then inexplicably in your face, but you're going the same direction! The type of crazy where the only thing crazier than anything else is you, as you look behind you at the trucks and wait until they pass you, then scream at them, as if you're surprising them.  The kind of crazy where when the sun finally comes out you scream at its wafery appearance, because it's shining right at you and you can't see!

It's been a fine time acclimating back to sea level.  We're in Bilbao, taking a rest day, setting out for Saint Seabass (San Sebastian in Spanish, Donostia in Basque) tommorrow, then taking another rest day because we've heard that this city is the most beautiful city in the world.  Then we leave this peninsula for a hexagon more familiar, la France.  We will eat well, we will eat duck. With beans.

I saw so many eagles in the mountains crossing from León to here.  I saw a fox too, and signs of bears so I hung my ham high in the pines as I slept.

People stopped waiting, so I'll post more pictures.

 People have blotted out the 'Castilla' part of Castilla Y León.  They even got the crest.
 Steel on stone in Cantabria.
 Admiring a flying buttress, in a small abandoned church in one of many ghost villages of Castilla Y León.
 The ever terraced Douro canyon/gorge/valley.  They make Port here, and we drink it.
This rainbow moved with me, and I was the pot of gold at its end.  Burgos province.

For big time.


  1. Dude I feel so bad for you. You missed out on the brackets. Bummer. Welp... better luck next year.

  2. Loving that stone wall, did you sleep there?
    Thank you for adding the barrel for scale, I couldn't have figured it out otherwise.
    Giving much love to pdx and thinking of you, homss. Jabless

  3. San Sebastian! woot woot. BEAUTIFUL city, San Sebastian was the glimmering hope for me that Spain was worth returning too :) Dreadlocks, surfboards guitars on backs....... trek on, enjoy and basque in everyone's envy...

    (did you catch that, see what i did there... hilarious i know)