Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Slovenian, Orel means Eagle


They say the Dalmatian coast was long ago a haven for pirates, and mountebanks. Its coves and inlets made it easy for these sneakies of the sea to hide themselves behind islands, then strike like coiled snakes at ships sailing to and from Venice.

Indeed. We have sailed these seas ourselves, and luckily, made safe passage. Maybe we saw a dolphin? We are in Croatia, on the island of Krk (there is a town called Vrh on Krk), in the town of Baška. There are cliffs on both sides of the valley, and great rocky islands everywhere in the bay. Buildings are plopped down in a strip by the sea, with a long promenade protecting the town from the harsh realities of coastal living. Like pirates.

We are injury free!

We tore like oiled lightning through the Alps and across the plain of Lombardy. We visited a microbrewery in Piedmont called le Baladin, and it was good. We took a rest day in Verona, home of Romeo, home of Juliette, home of some of the first printed books in the world, which we stumbled on upon first arriving, in a library kept by Capitelli monks. There were manuscripts and sheet music that were printed by the first printing presses that arrived in Rome, and Venice. All this because the person outside whom we asked if there was an internet cafe somewhere happened to be the library's director.

We crossed into Slovenia at the edge of the plain, and were invited into the home of Bostjan Vodopivec and his family, after asking him if it was okay if we camped on his land. We were treated to delicious homemade strawberry wine, and two great salames that seem to be cut from ancient mammoths. They are fantastic, some of it sits in my belly now as I write.

I can't figure out how to upload photos onto this computer, so those will have to wait. As will we for our ferry, which leaves at 5pm.

Until then, we are in Baška and the sun is shining and it is Spring.

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  1. Favorite line: "there is a town called Vrh on Krk." Can I get a phonetical spelling of those?