Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jake's Big Adventure

Very pretty, but alas, the wrong path

Ideal riding on the Canal du Midi

A hungry, hungry Jaco


The world-famous Pierre Bayou


get that fuckin camera out of my face, fool

unidentifiable industry

This is where the road got rough

because of these assholes!
so i had to carry/drag my bike down here for 2 miles

that's not a good place for a bike
at the end of my day at the beach

La Grand Motte.  City of the future in 1972

I ate lunch here

view from campsite near Fos s/Mer

epicness near Marseille

1 comment:

  1. France looks gooooorgeous!!! :)

    Guessing you weren't paying attention during Ol' McDondald songs as a child, though.