Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Welcome, and thank you for visiting the blog!  In 2011, I, Jacob Roesch, traveled by bicycle from Portugal to China with my friend Nate Roter.  He and I jointly contributed to the writing of this blog as we made our way across Eurasia.

If you would like to read some entries written exclusively by me, please check out "Getting up to Speed," posted in June, or "Jake's Big Adventure," posted in April.  You can navigate through the blog entries chronologically in the "blog archive" section on the right sidebar.

Please note that this blog was not written with grad school application in mind, and may contain typos, profanity, and other informal language!

Writing this blog was a way for use to update friends and family back home of our progress, and keep in touch with people we met on the road.  We also wanted to make our adventure accessible to people who may think that they could never undertake a lengthy and adventurous journey such as this one, and to inspire them to expand their horizons.

-Jacob Roesch