Nate and Jaco are from Berkeley, California, and have known each other for 12 long years.  They met when they were 13, and did not like each other at first.  Jaco was too mean for Nate's taste, and Nate lacked charisma.  In Biology class in 11th grade however, a new, charismatic Nate realized that Jaco was not mean anymore, and they became friends.

Nate: Nate was born in Oakland, California, and grew up in Berkeley.  He lived in Eugene, Oregon for 3 years, studying Psychology.  His interest in traveling sent him to France for two years. He spent one year as a student in Lyon, and one as an educator in Lille, where he taught adolescents in the tiny towns of Douchy-les-Mines and Denain.  He has used cycling as an appropriate coping skill since he was 10, when he would wait until it rained then shred the muddy trails of Martin Luther King, Jr Middle school near his house. He raced for 3 years in the Northern California High School Mountain Bike Racing League, which he won in 2004.  He rode his bicycle across the country in 2008, and commutes 100 miles a week to work in Portland, Oregon, where he will live until he rides across Eurasia.

Jaco: Jaco grew up in Berkeley, California, and moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 to study Music.  After 2 years in Los Angeles, he decided to climb through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and spend a year studying in Budapest.  During this year, he traveled extensively, and his stories and experiences inspired many to follow in his intrepid footsteps.  After one year in Budapest he moved back to Los Angeles to finish his studies, this time as a History student. He finished in one year, and moved to Spain to work as an educator to Spanish youth in Málaga.  He split his time in Europe between Málaga and Budapest, but finally came back to Berkeley and worked as a laborer, which he is doing until he leaves for his bicycle trip.