In December of 2010, we held a charity lamb roast to benefits the SOS Children's Villages organization.  We ate, drank, and were merry, and raised almost $1400!   The SOS organization endeavors to give orphaned children and chilrdren without stable parental care a chance to have normal and productive lives by giving them a family-style home environment, building schools, vocational training centers, and medical facilities, and generally picking up the slack where society and unlucky circumstances have sold these children short. The money will be distributed to Children's Villages in several nations, and we plan on visisting some of the sites the money goes to en route, so stay tuned!  And to everyone who came to the lamb roast or otherwise gave a donation, thank you very much.

We have also made a donation page to benefit MercyCorps, which can be viewed here.  MercyCorps is a very big and busy organization working all over the world for everything from education to disaster relief to microfinancing and more.

We hope to raise more money before we leave, and hopefully en route as well.  Please consider making a donation to one of these charities and help someone who has really been more unlucky than anything else.